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About Us

Watcharadilok Legal Company, Ltd “WLS.”. is a family owned and operated law firm that can offer the very best of legal service in Thailand. Not only do we have a tradition of excellence within the Kingdom of Thailand, but we also have superior international experience that enables us to serve the needs of our foreign-national clients.  We are not a large law firm where your individual needs and hopes will be lost in the paper-shuffle of impersonal service.  But, rather, we are able to provide intimate service for your specific needs.  We understand that you seek assistance for matters that are very important and which at times may be urgent and/or sensitive.  We are able to provide the attention that your situation demands in a personable and professional manner.

Our staff is a talented combination of local, licensed Thai attorneys and assistants and foreign-nationals who are able to ensure that our interactions with clients are communicated effectively in perfect English and with an adept awareness of the natural differences between the Thai and “Western” minds.  Our Bangkok-based attorney’s have accrued years of experience working in our fields of expertise: visa/immigration, business, property, marriage/divorce, wills, contracts, and notary services. In addition to this invaluable experience, our staff is endowed with the important contacts in the necessary government offices that enable one to “get things done” in the realm of Thai bureaucracy.   Our foreign-national staff has international Masters-level education, is able to communicate clearly and effectively with our clients, and offers our clients the experience of a foreigner’s ability to successfully forge a life – complete with family, business, property, etc – in Thailand.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.  Should you desire to contract our staff for any reason we will be happy to serve you with efficiency and competence.

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