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VISA Services

VISA Service

The government of Thailand does not make it easy to obtain long-term visas for foreign-nationals.  However, once the correct visa is obtained it is relatively easy to get continual visa extensions.  WLS can not only advise you on what type of visa is best for your specific needs but we can also do everything necessary to make sure you obtain the visa that is best for you.  Additionally, WLS has the capacity to “sponsor” clients to receive visas that will enable them to get work permits and longer extensions of stay in Thailand.

WLS can assist you to obtain a short term visa of 90 days or a long term One Year Visa to stay in Thailand. We can sponsor our client with the appropriate type of visa from your home country before you are coming to Thailand so you do not have to worry about your stay in Thailand.


  • Receive a 90 days or One-year visa, which enables you to stay for a bonus 3 months(total 15 months stay in Thailand)
  • Able to leave  and return to Thailand as many times as you desire within the first 12 months of the visa
  • Our legal experts will fill out and successfully file all necessary paperwork on your behalf whenever possible.  If  law requires that you file on your own we will give you detailed, easy to follow, fail-safe instructions.
  • By obtaining our services our legal experts are able to accompany you to Thai immigration  offices to provide sound legal counsel and utilize our long established connections and friendships with immigration officers for your benefit.
  • By obtaining our services you will benefit from the connections we have made over the years with immigration officials both in Thailand and abroad.
  • Thai law has strict requirements that must be met in order for a foreigner to receive a  one-year visa.  These requirements  are very difficult for the average traveler to meet on his/her own.  By obtaining our services, WLS  will meet these requirements for you by legally “supporting” your  application.
  • Apply for your  visa by post, or in person at a local Thai Embassy conveniently located in your home country (USA, UK, AUS and Other Countries around the World)
  • You can work legally in Thailand with this visa (provided you obtain accompanying work permit, which we can also assist you with)
  • Able to open a  Thai bank account

Visa Detail Summary:

  • Non-Immigrant  Visa
  • Multiple entry
  • 15 months stay  in Thailand, provided that:
  • Visa holder must  “leave” Thailand every 90 days
    • It is possible to simply cross the border at many different locations and return back  into Thailand within minutes.
    • We can assist  you with the details of this process, including our years of personal experience re: the cheapest, most efficient way to execute this legal requirement

Process for obtaining this Visa:

  1. Contact us via  email, receive questionnaire within 24 hours
  2. Fill out  questionnaire and return to us via email.
  3. Receive the professionally prepared visa application, including the documents of our company’s support for your visa, within 24 hours of our receipt of your questionnaire.
    1. We will send you a detailed step-by-step instruction checklist to ensure that you can easily execute this process.
    2. Our English Consultant will be available both online and via the telephone to assist you with any questions or concerns.
  4. You mail/post the application to a Thai Embassy in your home country
    1. We have  cultivated relationships with the officials at these Embassies and thus  are able to get updates on your application and troubleshoot if  necessary.
  5. Receive your visa within as few as 5 days

* We offer a money-back guarantee on the successful application of your visa!

*All of our foreign services are mediated by our English Consultant (a native English speaker) who is a U.S. resident living in Thailand.